DeforaOS Manual Pages

Table of Contents

1. For users
Desktop environment
browser — File manager and image viewer
camera — Webcam and photo camera application
coder — Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
compose — Mail composer
copy — Copy files and directories
delete — Delete files and directories
desktop — Desktop manager
desktopctl — Control interface for the desktop manager
download — Download remote files
editor — Text editor
gallery — Quick access to the picture gallery
helper — Help browser
locker — Desktop screensaver
lockerctl — Control interface for the desktop screensaver
mailer — Mail client
mixer — Volume mixer
move — Move or rename files and directories
open — Open and edit files with their registered handlers
panel — Desktop panel
panelctl — Control interface for the desktop panel
panel-embed — Helper for the embedding Panel applet
panel-message — Notifier for the panel
panel-notify — Notifier for the desktop
phone — Desktop telephony application
phonectl — Control interface for the desktop telephony application
player — Media player
playerctl — Control interface for the media player
properties — File and directory properties
sequel — SQL console
simulator — Embedded device simulator
surfer — Web browser
terminal — Terminal emulator
view — Generic document viewer
2. For developers
configure build system
configure — Generates and maintain software build systems
project.conf — Project definition files for configure
3. For webmasters
DaPortal Content Management System
daportal — Invoke DaPortal requests from the command line
daportal.conf — Configuration file for DaPortal