News by khorben on 16/06/2006 15:08:02
Efforts were concentrated on the assembler lately, and it can now:
  • generate valid x86 ELF32 object files (and ELF64 too normally);
  • handle abou...
News by khorben on 01/06/2006 23:21:28
Since May 19th the servers were brought down by an unhappy DSLAM nearby. Almost two weeks later they're back online, and I could somehow manage to upd...
News by khorben on 01/05/2006 02:39:56
Please welcome fbz, who just got CVS commit access to the DaPortal project. We look forward to great new modules!
News by khorben on 18/04/2006 00:01:12
DaPortal has been worked on quite a bit recently, and among other changes it now features an almost complete bugtracking system.
I have started to up...
News by khorben on 17/04/2006 23:48:53
First I apologize for the lack of information about the removal of the service. I did not have any complaints so maybe I am the only user so far, but ...
News by khorben on 10/04/2006 01:02:13
The project clearly needs to be re-focused, but some new stuff was done:
  • as: ELF32 output improvement
  • configure: handles C sources dependencie...
News by khorben on 27/02/2006 23:24:09
The servers are back. That is great. On the software side, not so much new, but I'll make a quick summary with my next updates.
News by khorben on 11/12/2005 11:36:22
Between two moving house the servers are temporary online. They will go down again near December 19th for an undefined period. To this date I have not...
News by khorben on 27/10/2005 03:08:10
A short note to mention configure 0.0.2 has been released, even though it doesn't attempt to detect the run-time system yet.
The Probe/DaMon monitori...
News by khorben on 24/10/2005 15:21:18
FInally, thanks to the new configure rewrite I have been able to generate a source archive suitable for download. It can be fetched from the "Download...
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