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panel-notify — Notifier for the desktop


panel-notify [-e] [ -L | -S | -X | -x ] [-t timeout] applet...

panel-notify -l


panel-notify is a desktop notification program for the desktop. It can popup a window, centered on the screen, containing different applets of the panel. It can be set to disappear automatically after a specific amount of time. It is particularly useful when implementing hotkeys (system status...).


panel-notify expects an arbitrary number of panel applets to be specified as arguments on the command line.

The following options are available:


Embed the notification in the panel.


Use icons the size of a large toolbar.


Use icons the size of a small toolbar.


Use huge icons.


Use icons the size of menus.


Time to wait before disappearing (in seconds; 0 means unlimited).


Lists the plug-ins available.


Issues can be listed and reported at

See also

panel(1), panelctl(1), panel-embed(1), panel-message(1)