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progress — Generic progress bar utility


progress [-x] [-e] [-z] [-b buffersize] [-f file] [-l length] [-p prefix] [-t title] command [args...]


progress can be used to report on the progress of Input/Output (I/O) operations, like when manipulating files and devices. It expects data either from the standard input or from a file, and forwards it over to a separate process through the standard input again. It reports continuously on data throughput while doing so.

Additionally, it can be embedded within an existing window, like in the notification area of a panel window.


The following options are available:


Enforce the size of the intermediate buffer.


Ignored for compatibility reasons.


File to use for incoming data instead of the standard input.


Specify or override the estimation of the data size.


Text to display before the progress bar.


Sets the title of the progress window.


Uncompress the input on the fly using gunzip(1).

A command to execute must be provided on the command line, with an arbitrary number of arguments. It is then executed, with the incoming data forwarded to this sub-process over the standard input.


Issues can be listed and reported at

See also

dd(1), gunzip(1), panel-embed(1), tar(1)