Progression of the project, DaPortal translations

News by khorben on 10/08/2005 04:14:17
It's been some time without news, but these days I am more active than I've been for quite some time.
I am particularly working on the shell, which is improving quite fast, even though I expect some design problems when it will come to tricky parts (quoting, expansions, etc). Hopefully it is already handling enough to satisfy primal needs, so I'll try to boot it some time, and maybe even release the first Defora/Linux system. This would also require a bit of work on the libc.
I am also planning to start the code for the AppServer/AppClient system, for which I have designed some parts already.
Eventually made also a few cosmetic improves to DaPortal, like a minimal multi-language support. French is the first one to be supported.
Overall, I can say I'm starting to feel more excitement than doubt on this project for the first time ever, and it feels good. Time will tell.