Source code management migrating from CVS to Git

News by khorben on 31/10/2012 18:09:42
On unexpected news, development of the DeforaOS Project is currently migrating from CVS to Git. This decision (and its almost immediate application) was motivated by discussions with potential contributors to the project, who were (understandably) not feeling very comfortable bootstrapping the whole project just to be working on a single sub-project [1]. In any case, this is very good news for the project.

These individual sub-projects are designed to be useful and functional on as many systems as possible, and the current repository was consequently broken down to about forty separate repositories. They were uploaded to Github already [2].

The plan for upstream, issue tracking and mailing-lists is still to run all of them on the current infrastructure. It is however absolutely fine to use the equivalent facilities available on Github, where it is definitely more convenient to benefit from more distributed development. It makes even more sense during this migration period, which is far from being over: a lot of code, procedures and maintenance tasks have to be taught about the updated development infrastructure.