Two more releases for the tablet

News by khorben on 11/11/2012 00:54:38
Much like for EuroBSDCon 2012 [1], the DeforaOS/NetBSD tablet project [2] was presented at the annual French NetBSD hackathon [3] (although in French this time). While at it, the slides have just been pushed online [4].

For what matters now, two projects were released and packaged for the updated presentation:
  • Browser 0.4.9 [5]
  • Phone 0.3.11 [6]

The first brings a new plug-in (Git integration) and improved icons, while the second can handle notifications within the DeforaOS Panel, through an additional plug-in (special thanks to whygee [7] for the idea).

[3] (French)
[4] (French)
[7] (be sure to enable Javascript)