School project, PHP Explorer, libc

News by khorben on 01/04/2005 15:12:25
A school project I was given orally finally has a somewhat decent subject, which also means a deadline. The timeline being real short I have spent a whole day on this inetd implementation, and it works in some cases.

Meanwhile I have been very busy at work too, but I have occasionaly worked on a small file browser in PHP, which has made its way onto Freshmeat and the DeforaOS CVS eventually. I'll add useful functionalities hopefully.

And finally, closer to DeforaOS I have spent a few minuts trying to get further with the libc, and I have figured out it actually works with at least one of my UNIX utilities implementations. I mean, there is code executed, despite the weird linking error message with "_start()". To be short, if this is not just pure luck I may unstuck the situation with the libc some time soon and write actual production code for it.