PHP Explorer, libc, GEDI

News by khorben on 17/04/2005 15:13:41
I have improved a bit PHP Explorer, it can now display the images on the server as thumbnails. I thought this was a time for a complete release, so I did and I have even included the icons in the package this time. As usual it will be on front of freshmeat during one day hopefully, but I have also submitted it to the PHP Québec contest. You never know...

I have found the courage to look further into the problems with the libc, and I am ending with something new this time: maybe _start() should actually come from a separate object. If this really is the answer, I feel stupid. After all crt.o certainly has a purpose, if you see what I mean.

To conclude, I could announce a new incoming project. It is called "GEDI", and it will certainly be developped using this project's resources. I feel frustrated because that's one more of the too many projects I am currently trying to work on (and can't handle), but it is also the first serious project I may start and end with a friend. So, CaseK will certainly gain write access to the CVS tree. GEDI is the french abreviation to "Gtk+ based Integrated Development Environment", as GIDE already exists, and interestingly enough it sounds like "jedi".
To say a word about the project itself, I could say that I hate IDEs. That's why we are going to try to write one the UNIX way, using existing elements of the system (Make, GCC, GDB, VIM, CVS, ...), because that's how we feel it should be done. We don't want the bloat of integrated editors, splash screens, tens of windows, dozens of tabs of preferences dialogs. We want it to ease the development of our projects, including tracking time of the various tasks.