DaPortal/#15: Mail new content

Bug report from khorben on 24/04/2006 00:00:07
There should be a way to be informed of content to moderate, new comments, etc. Think about ways to report these to the relevant users, like:
  • mail replies to news to the initial poster;
  • mail bug reports (and updates) to the project members;
  • mail news to moderate to the administrators;
  • create user groups to differentiate administrators from moderators;
  • mail users desiring to know what is new;
  • create RSS feeds;
Design review is on the way: mailing routines are centralized in 'system/mail.php', so that useful extra features can easily be added (enable mailing, user-supplied from address, etc).
On another topic, RSS feeds are implemented for the news module.
New comments are now also sent by mail to the moderators. However, it should certainly be:
  • optional;
  • sent to the original poster only, and only if agreed.
The desired level of functionality is achieved.
This bug is temporarily closed until a complete policy and design review is done.
There is a privacy issue, considering that every recipient address is visible in the current mails.
Mailing bug replies is being tested.
New bug reports are sent to the project members.
New news are now sent to the "moderators" (every administrator).