Project from khorben on 01/06/2005 03:51:07
PHP modular Content Management System
This project is a modular Content Management System, written in PHP.
The following modules are currently available:
  • articles, blog and news;
  • user, managing logins and subscriptions;
  • search, able to lookup information from any other module;
  • project, including bug reporting and a SCM browser (supports CVS)
  • wiki, an online collaborative knowledge-base.

It also notably supports:
  • language translations for the interface;
  • different themes and templates.

The following database engines are currently supported:
  • PDO (generic)
  • PostgreSQL;
  • MySQL;
  • SQLite 2 and 3.

Documentation is found at http://www.defora.org/doc/html/DaPortal/

It is available under the GPL license version 3.