Project from khorben on 02/06/2005 00:15:10
Assembly and de-assembly framework
This project is a multi-platform (de-)assembler. It is available under the GPL version 3.

It has support for the following architectures:
  • amd64
  • arm (little and big endian)
  • dalvik (Android bytecode)
  • i386 and compatible
  • java (bytecode)
  • mips (little and big endian)
  • sparc
  • sparc64
  • yasep (16 and 32-bits modes)

It can handle the following file formats:
  • Dex (inside Android applications)
  • ELF
  • flat files
  • Java classes
  • PE (Windows executables and libraries)

It depends on the libSystem and CPP projects.