Phone/#38: phone call error

Bug report from hexxeh on 04/10/2010 13:09:00
hi, team when i enter my code for initialize card telephony is ok
after i received an call and i get error unknow error call
the neo freerunner 1973 let's in ring the pop up tell me this unknow error call and not answer at the call
i explain more if you would
other get this i say is experimental in screenshoots the message dialog same work rights
Hi hexxeh,
I would gladly receive more information from you indeed. Can you already confirm that:
  • you are using the hackable:1 dse1 release?
  • you have a Neo Freerunner phone? (as opposed to Neo 1973)
  • your issue only applies to incoming calls?
  • the issue is that when receiving calls, there is a popup window saying "Unknown error"?
  • you are unable to actually answer the call?
Thanks for registering and reporting this bug!