DeforaOS Project
About DeforaOS
DeforaOS is an Operating System developed with new and innovative concepts in
its design and architecture. Its goal is to let users work securely yet
seamlessly across any number of devices. This means that the relevant data is
readily available, while the state of the applications remains consistent
regardless of the form factor, location, or connectivity.
This is achieved in a decentralized manner, without necessarily using shared
computing platforms from third parties (also known as "cloud").
Project structure
The project is essentially divided into three main components:
1. Distributed framework
Used for the communication between the different components of the system,
locally as well as when accessing resources on remote devices.
2. Self-hosted environment
Contains the components necessary to let the system build itself again.
3. Graphical interface
Implements a featureful desktop environment, making full use of the
underlying design and architecture.
Getting started
The current requirements to build and install DeforaOS are:
* POSIX-compliant Operating System (NetBSD, Linux, macOS, BSD...)
* a working C compiler and assembler (GCC, LLVM...)
* Git, to download and synchronize the components as required
Run the following command to configure the sources for the project and compile
the essential tools to build it:
$ make bootstrap
Once this done, run the following command to automatically download and build
its different components:
$ make
Alternatively, a helper script is available, in order to build bootable images
of the Operating System:
$ image
Contact information
The project can be found and contacted at:
* Web: or on [GitHub](
* e-mail: or via mailing-lists at
* IRC: #DeforaOS on the [OFTC network](
* Twitter: [@DeforaOS](
Donations are accepted at the following address:
* Bitcoin: `1yKwy1JqXYkXX8WQtWQK4iHodXWiqWivD`