DeforaOS Player
About Player
Player is a media player.
Player is part of the DeforaOS Project, found at
Compiling Player
PLayer depends on the following components:
* Gtk+ 2 or 3
* DeforaOS libDesktop
* an implementation of `make`
* gettext (libintl) for translations
* DocBook-XSL for the manual pages
* GTK-Doc for the API documentation
* Either mplayer(1) or mpv(1)
With GCC, this should then be enough to compile and install Player:
$ make install
To install (or package) Player in a different location:
$ make PREFIX="/another/prefix" install
Player also supports `DESTDIR`, to be installed in a staging directory; for
$ make DESTDIR="/staging/directory" PREFIX="/another/prefix" install
Manual pages for each of the executables installed are available in the `doc`
folder. They are written in the DocBook-XML format, and need libxslt and
DocBook-XSL to be installed for conversion to the HTML or man file format.
Likewise, the API reference for Player (remote control) is available in the
`doc/gtkdoc` folder, and is generated using gtk-doc.
Distributing Player
DeforaOS Player is subject to the terms of the 2-clause BSD license. Please see
the `COPYING` file for more information.