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DeforaOS is a software distribution, including a number of coherent packages. Its complete source code, as well as some binaries can be downloaded from this page.

The distribution

There are no formal releases of the distribution yet. Some demonstration material is available though.

Bootable images

KernelArchitectureBoot mediaLinks
Linux 32-bits (i386)ISO-9660 CD-ROM imageDeforaOS-daily.iso
Linux 2.6.29-rc3
ARM (armel)u-boot image (Openmoko Freerunner)Hackable1-Openmoko-Freerunner-user-2010.07a-rootfs.jffs2 and Hackable1-Openmoko-Freerunner-user-2010.07a-splash.jffs2 (optional)

Source code

Anonymous CVS

The complete source code of the project can be obtained via CVS, as the DeforaOS module on

You can install CVS and then run the following command to download the sources:

$ cvs co DeforaOS

Alternatively, it is possible to browse through the code with the CVS web interface.

CVS snapshots

A downloadable archive is also generated daily.

Individual packages

Each project has its own homepage, with a list of downloadable material. They are listed here.

Some formal releases are also gathered in different places.

Source code

A number of releases are already available. They are also sorted as a filesystem hierarchy.


Binaries are available from different projects:

Other downloads

Some parallel projects, documentation, and older content can also be found on khorben's page, and on the FTP server, which can be accessed through HTTP too.

1.28 (diff)khorben
1.27 (diff)khorben
1.26 (diff)khorben
1.25 (diff)khorben
1.24 (diff)khorben
1.23 (diff)khorben
1.22 (diff)khorben
1.21 (diff)khorben
1.20 (diff)khorben
1.19 (diff)khorben
1.18 (diff)khorben
1.17 (diff)khorben
1.16 (diff)khorben
1.15 (diff)khorben
1.14 (diff)
1.13 (diff)
1.12 (diff)
1.11 (diff)
1.10 (diff)
1.9 (diff)
1.8 (diff)
1.7 (diff)
1.6 (diff)
1.5 (diff)
1.4 (diff)
1.3 (diff)
1.2 (diff)