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A number of projects are already available for download. Source code for the complete project is available as well.

Source code

Anonymous CVS

DeforaOS module on the public CVS server

$ cvs co DeforaOS

CVS snapshots


Source code

A number of releases are already available. They are also sorted as a filesystem hierarchy.


No binaries are available as of today.

Other downloads

Some parallel projects, documentation, and older content can also be found on khorben's page, and on the FTP server, which can be accessed through HTTP too.

1.28 (diff)khorben
1.27 (diff)khorben
1.26 (diff)khorben
1.25 (diff)khorben
1.24 (diff)khorben
1.23 (diff)khorben
1.22 (diff)khorben
1.21 (diff)khorben
1.20 (diff)khorben
1.19 (diff)khorben
1.18 (diff)khorben
1.17 (diff)khorben
1.16 (diff)khorben
1.15 (diff)khorben
1.14 (diff)
1.13 (diff)
1.12 (diff)
1.11 (diff)
1.10 (diff)
1.9 (diff)
1.8 (diff)
1.7 (diff)
1.6 (diff)
1.5 (diff)
1.4 (diff)
1.3 (diff)
1.2 (diff)