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Project page (Graphical environment)


The panel is an essential piece of the desktop environment. Featuring a plug-in system, it lets the user manage applications, and also monitor the system where relevant. Meant to be ran with Framer, DeforaOS' own window manager, it complies to the ICCCM standard and should therefore work with any modern window manager.


The current tasks include:
  • bump major revision for the next release;
  • make it feature complete on Linux, too;
  • implement what's still missing in both desktop and embedded environments (like as a replacement to Qtopia on Zaurus, or matchbox-panel on Openmoko)
    • network activity (ethernet, wireless chooser...)
    • hardware presence and activity monitors (GPS, GSM, bluetooth...)
  • with all of that, improving the interface and layout will be necessary to fit everything on screen.
  • implement a complete configuration interface
  • integrate the screen locking feature with libXscrnSaver/Locker
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