DeforaOS Project

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Multi-purpose Operating System

Kernel-independent, networked and secure infrastructure

1. Innovative foundation

The main goal is to provide ubiquitous, secure and
transparent access to one's resources. This is not limited to data, with
the possibility to resume applications running remotely.

2. Cross-platform framework

The system features a POSIX-compliant environment, and is already able to function on top of most Linux, *BSD or Solaris-based systems. Developed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, it is suitable for modern embedded platforms as well.

3. Desktop environment

The project is also focused on usability, coherence and
integration, and therefore featuring a number of desktop applications.
Although already intended to be useful on current systems, they eventually
benefit from DeforaOS' own set of features.

4. Cutting-edge platform for today's needs

This experimental project has the ambition to address a number of recurring issues with contemporary Operating Systems, with the re-design of most of their components.

Additionally, even though the system is kernel-agnostic at the moment, a
dedicated micro-kernel may also be useful at some later stage.

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