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This library will be providing an entirely different API, based on the actual requirements of the modern components of the system.
In fact, it is meant to fully replace the libc. Therefore, this project will directly benefit from the completion of DeforaOS' own libc implementation (system calls, low-level operations).
This project is part of the core environment, and essential to the distributed environment as well.

Current status

The library already provides a transparent, secure protocol for remote procedure calls. It is good enough to support functional proof-of-concept implementations of the VFS, GServer and VPN projects notably.
Some severe limitations were highlighted at this point though, most probably requiring a partial rewrite in order to implement the following tasks as required.


  • implement a secure, portable and convenient message-passing protocol
  • allow transparent routing of communication endpoints
  • support a generic data type model
  • introduce generic serialization for these types
  • allow manipulation of complex types (groups of simpler types)
  • synchronize the running state of applications
  • allow the message-passing protocol to trigger callbacks
  • complete the base API
  • rewrite essential components to use this API
  • provide a complete C runtime
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